Aviv Yaron has been practicing Photography professionally – both commercially, and as an artist – since 1991. Starting as a Still Life Photographer, he then progressed with the advancements in digital imagery to find himself at the forefront of that technological revolution. Commercially, Aviv has  immersed himself in providing visual effects photography for computer generated imagery – becoming an expert practitioner in both the analogue and the digital realms of image making. Both worlds have influenced his artistic endeavor, where he is in search of the direct contact with the photographic material and the intentions which motivate the creative process.
My photography is about responding to states of presence: resonating inner and outer landscapes. It is an observation initiated by a photographic ‘wool gathering’ – resulting in a ‘visual poetry’.
Although, initially, involving a controlled intention – my creative process is motivated by reacting at ‘the decisive moment‘ whilst remaining at a state of contemplative observation. At the moment of capture, the camera is no longer separating the world from the photographer. I call this state a ‘decisive observation’.

1987-91: Photography – WIZO, Haifa, Israel.

1993-94: MA in Computing in Art and Design – Middlesex University, London.

1994-2013: Cinesite Ltd (London, UK) – 2D Senior Compositor, 2D Technical Director, Head of VFX Photography.

1991 – present time: Contemporary Photographer

2013 – present time: VFX Photographer, Consultant and Tutor

[Image: Gabriel Levine]