Triptychs – ‘Now’

Ophir’s way of being often questions the validity of my own frame of mind. More so, on many occasions it feels to me as though Ophir, effortlessly, holds the ingredients to a way of living I myself am in a struggle to attain.

I believe my attempts to help Ophir integrate via conformism stem from my own fears – an image of ordinary life projected onto an imaginary future with a focus on disability. I lack the trust that her incredible ability to fully live the here-and-now and her emotional intelligence, are all that she would ever need in order to survive our adult world.

Mediating between Ophir’s differences and the cultural conventions of ‘normal’ life feels, at times, like masking over what should be considered a healthier existence – in the case of Ophir, qualities she naturally has. In the gentle observation of her, I have the opportunity to recognize my own mask.