A call for equality and justice

Inspired by the Palestinian and Jewish activists in Israel-Palestine who have come together to protest the occupation and violence and call for equality and justice, I’m attending a Na’amod rally on Wednesday (19th May 2021 7pm BST) to call for Freedom from Violence, Freedom from Occupation for all in Israel-Palestine.

This, to show solidarity with Palestinians under occupation and to call for an end to the violence inherent in that occupation, from which all in Israel-Palestine suffer.

It is time to amplify and support the Palestinian call to uphold their human and civil rights and end the Israeli occupation – the source to this moral crisis.

We need bold and decisive world leadership based on shared humanity, compassion, and the fundamental belief in the equality of all peoples. When faced with the choice between supporting violence, dispossession and occupation, or any form of segregation on the one hand, and supporting freedom, dignity and human rights for all people, including ‘the other’ – we choose to stand for the latter.

‘….[In Another Place] selected by Susan Derges…’


‘…There is something intriguing about the physicality of Aviv Yaron’s photographs. Even from a first glance at the jpegs, I liked his energetic mark-making activity. It’s echoing or fusing with deserted landscape imagery suggested to me an internal processing or reworking of something fractured or pressing to be reformed, that had happened in the external world.

Without reading his notes I found myself thinking about memory, loss and residual traces of past events.

This might be a projection of the ways I use the activity of making to connect with places that hold significance, memory, and a desire for belonging for me. But there seems to be something in common, in terms of landscapes that are repeatedly encountered, worked with and processed. Also in terms of an impulse to make visible in the work the scratches, blemishes and surface details that communicate a physical struggle to arrive at a true account of something that is more than just an observed record – One that uses layers and imperfections to represent the layering of inner content onto the observed.

It’s exciting to come across work of a completely different subject-matter, that none the less resonates, makes sense and feels familiar and whether or not projection is involved, it indicates how the metaphors that Aviv uses extend beyond the personal to speak of more universal themes of exile and belonging.

Getting to understand about the relationship of Aviv’s work to Israel, Palestine and his own history is very moving. Somehow he has found a way to articulate the complexity of relationships involved in the places he has revisited there and to allow us to feel them speaking powerfully and poetically through both images and time.

I like the way small details in the foreground like weeds, barbed wire, scratches on the surface imply a kind of threshold behind which lies the land and in front of which stands or lies the person giving form to the place through their presence and attention. In the backgrounds too there’s a kind of texture or gestural echoing of the forms of the landscape that mean it also has been mediated by the awareness of the maker. It brings you into a more visceral relationship to place, atmosphere and artist…’

Susan Derges (Uncertain States: Open Call 2016)

Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Road, London
E3 4QY
4 – 12 November 2016
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 6 pm
Private view Thursday 3 November 2016 6:30 – 8:30 pm

‘…Aviv Yaron selected by Susan Derges…’

‘…Uncertain States are proud to announce the nine artists selected by our panel for our Uncertain States Open 2016 exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion…Aviv Yaron selected by Susan Derges…’

In Another Place / Jaba #3

Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Road, London
E3 4QY
4 – 12 November 2016
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 6 pm
Private view Thursday 3 November 2016 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Uncertain States – Sixth Annual Exhibition

















Uncertain States is pleased to announce the Sixth Annual Exhibition Uncertain States 2015 at The Mile Art Pavilion from 5 – 21 November 2015. The exhibition is part of Photomonth, East London Photography Festival.

UCS Annual 2015_web

‘Of People and Places’


Al Jammama #4 – from the body of work ‘In Another Place

Reflections on the relationship between people and landscape by international photographers –
The Gallery at Oxford House in Bethnal Green (Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6HG).

Private view: 5 February 2015, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs: 5 February – 8 March 2015
Opening times: Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm

Fabrizio Bilello / Valeria Cherchi / Gregory Collavini / Hugo Deniau / David George / Mitch Karunaratne /Davide Padovan / Omar Sartor / John Wilson / Aviv Yaron

Curated by Francesca Wilkins

Oxford House Gallery is delighted to present its upcoming exhibition, Of People and Places.
This exhibition brings together the work of ten selected photographers from across the world to open up a reflection on the relationship between people and landscape.
Of People and Places explores both the ways in which society’s impact visually manifests itself on the landscape, and the ways in which the land can be of significant influence to individuals, communities and – more specifically – to artists. From the Israeli countryside, across the vast expanse of the Alaskan tundra, through Italy’s suburbia and into the woodlands of Southwest England, Of People and Places takes a look at how we relate to the environment around us, whether it’s by taking in an individual’s experience of particular landscape, or reflecting on the ways in which communities find an identity in specific surroundings.
Each of the series presented in the exhibition draws inspiration from themes such as historical change, intimate memories, sociopolitical issues or questions about identity. By exhibiting established photographers alongside emerging artists, the exhibition aims to offer a multifaceted view of a wide-ranging subject.

For further press inquiries, please contact Francesca Wilkins at

New work from ‘In Another Place’

I will be exhibiting 3 new images from ‘In Another Place’ as part of an up and coming group exhibition:

The Gallery at Oxford House, Bethnal Green, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG
Private view:  5th February, 2015 – between 6 and 9pm

Oxford House Gallery Hours are:
9 AM-10 PM Monday-Friday
10 AM -2PM Saturday and Sunday